We will achieve sustainability with
science-based perspective on the earth and society

Cutting-Edge Science and Technology on Climate

The world is now facing a crisis.
Climate change is causing extreme weather events and disasters to occur frequently around the world.
Climate science predicts an increase in typhoons, torrential rains,
extreme heat, rising sea levels, and other threats.

Creating a "world where the Earth and human society exists in harmony" through cutting-edge science and technology.
This is our vision.


  • Webアプリケーション Climate Vision

    Web Application Climate Vision

    Climate Vision is a web application that makes it easy to analyze flood risks required in climate change response and sustainability disclosures.

  • 気候変動の影響評価についての研究開発

    R&D on Climate Change Impact

    Research and development on information to help customers improve their resilience to the physical risks of climate change and to manage their production.

  • Extreme Weather

    Extreme Weather

  • Inundation


  • Sea Level Rise

    Sea Level Rise

  • Flooding



  • 高解像度グローバル洪水ハザードマップの開発

    High-resolution global flood hazard maps

    Global flood hazard maps from the past to the future for multiple climate scenarios are developed using a global inundation model developed at the University of Tokyo and high-resolution topographic and riverine data with a resolution of tens of metres.

  • 洪水による被害予測

    Predicting financial damage by floods

    The damage per building caused by flooding is calculated in monetary terms using a damage function. Population, building and economic impact data due to flooding is developed with a resolution of approximately 100 m.


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