Gaia Vision Released a Free Version of Climate Risk Analysis Platform “Climate Vision Lite”

Gaia Vision (CEO: Yuki Kita), a provider of climate change risk analysis platform, today announced the release of a free version of Climate Vision. This enables companies to easily conduct flood risk/climate change impact analysis, which can be useful for disclosure/ future climate scenario analysis for TCFD/ISSB and for risk management.

■Overview of Climate Vision Lite (free version)

Climate Vision Lite enables the analysis of flood and climate change risks around the world. It can display flood risk maps not only for the present, but also for the future when climate change intensifies.This helps companies in various industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, real estate, and finance to develop long-term climate change strategies. By quantitatively understanding the risk of flooding in their locations,companies can use this information for TCFD/ISSB and other sustainability disclosures, future climate scenario analysis, internal disaster planning, BCP planning, and internal consensus building.

The launch of this free version is to make this high-quality climate risk analysis tool available to as many companies as possible. Until now, many companies have been concerned about climate change risk, but have limited access to usable tools. Through the provision of this free version, we hope to encourage climate change risk management activities throughout the society and lead to full-fledged climate change adaptation efforts.

Image of Climate Vision Lite

■Comparison with other services

In Japan, the national government and prefectures have provided hazard maps that show the maximum expected extent of inundation zones, but industries have been concerned that these maps are limited to a part of Japan and do not take future climate change into account. Gaia Vision has therefore developed Climate Vision, a risk analysis platform that supports global and future climate scenario analysis.Climate Vision Lite, released today, is a tool that can be used as a first step for quantitative future climate scenario analysis, although with a limited resolution (500m).

The paid version has a higher resolution (30m in Japan, 90m overseas), enabling more accurate risk assessment. We also offer optional consulting and reporting services, including support for consensus building within the company. The cost is set at a reasonable level from 600,000 yen (5 locations). We appreciate your consideration.

Climate Vision Lite Table

■Advantages of Gaia Vision

This product was introduced asan example of a product related to future flood hazard maps in the “Guidance for Physical Risk Assessment in TCFD Recommendations” released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in March 2023. In addition, Gaia Vision’s proprietary licensed high-resolution topographic/riverine data and research and development capabilities, which form the basis of this product, give Gaia Vision the advantage of being able to flexibly offer services to its clients.

Advantages of Climate Vision Lite

■How to use Climate Vision Lite

You can register and use Climate Vision Lite by clicking “New Registration”.